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Synthetic/Artificial Turf Systems

Synthetic Turf.Athletic Specialties offers all types of artificial turf for Football, Soccer, Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Golf, Bocce, etc. These surfaces are installed both indoors and outdoors with direct glue-down, sand/rubber in-fill and loose-lay application systems.

We offer systems for entire fields and for high traffic/high wear areas such as goal mouths,dugouts, home plate collars, batting cage/tunnels and driving ranges.

We provide Stance Mats, Range Mats, On Deck Circles, Softball Pitcher's Mats, Portable Pitching Mounds and Batting Cage turf.

Our synthetic turf collection is used at all levels of play and in all types of public and private facilities. Synthetic turf grass technology is the answer to the high use and rising cost of maintaining traditional fields.

Athletic Fields

Sport Turf for SoccerImproved Safety and Reduced Maintenance costs are the primary benefits of artificial turf. The risk of injury from impact or motion is reduced when utilizing a rubber/sand in-fill as the cushion. Athletic Specialties In-Fill Turf looks and plays like natural grass turf. Installation over a packed limestone substrate with proper drainage means grounds maintenance is greatly reduced and irrigation and pesticide costs are eliminated.

Indoor Facilities

Installed with velcro Synthetic turf can be tailored to your facilities requirements for the specific sport(s) offered, age and level of play, length of intended use or portability for intended relocation.

Backing can be a combination of foam, rubber or unitary styles. Installation can be with full-pour adhesive, in-fill (rubber only or a combination of rubber and sand) or portable Velcro systems. Both 12' and 15' widths in a variety of pile heights, weight and fabric type are available.

Hitting Barns as well as Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Speed and Agility training facilities all benefit from the use of artificial turf. Benefits include reduced risk of injury and liability, true ball bounce and player response for optimum training and increased use of limited space.


Playground TurfSynthetic turf for playground applications combines safety, ease of maintenance and durability. Turf thickness is tailored to meet fall height requirements of the playground equipment. Foam backing is a minimum 5mm thickness (4' fall height) to 8mm total foam (6' fall height). Choices for pile height are offered in three different products. .

Turf Specialties

Available products include Batting Stance Mats, On Deck Circles, Portable Pitching Mounds, Softball Pitcher's Mats and Golf Range Mats. Construction is with heavy urethane foam backing for comfort, spike resistant artificial turf to reduce wear and scrim/felt to prevent damage to the foam. Halo Kits for home plate collar areas are made with or without logos and wings. Several turf colors are available including red clay color.

Stance Mats: Indoor/Outdoor Use.
Halo Kit with logo and stance mat6x12 Plain or 6x12 with White Grass Lines, Painted Plate
7x12 Plain or 7x12 with White Grass Lines, Painted Plate
6x9 Plain

On-Deck CircleOn-Deck Circles: Installed over concrete or crusher run.
4' Diameter
5' Diameter
6' Diameter

Portable Pitching Mounds: Turf covered. Cleat resistant.

Game Mound

Portable pitching mound used outdoors.8'W x 11'6"L x 10"H
220 lbs.
For pitching distance of 60'6"

Game Junior

5'4"W x 9'L x 6"H
135 lbs
For pitching distance of 54' & under

High School
/Collegiate Mound

4'W x 9'6"L x 10"H
130 lbs.
For pitching distances of 60'6"

Prep Mound

4'W x 9'L x 6"H
100 lbs.
For pitching distances 54' and under

Professional Mound

Professional Portable Mound5'4"W x 9'6"L x 10"H
155 lbs

Junior Pro

42"W x 6'L x 6"H
85 lbs.

Junior Trainer

42"W x 42"L x 4"H
40 lbs.

Softball Pitcher's MatSoftball Pitcher's Mat:
9' x 6' Pitching Rubber Attached
3' x 10' Pitching Rubber Attached

Batting Cage TurfBatting Cage Turf:
Synthetic turf is available in several styles and price ranges for indoor or outdoor use. Turf width is either 12' or 15' with length determined by the size of your batting cage, e.g., 55'L, 70'L or custom cut to your requirement.

Halo LogoHalo Kits:
Kits are cut per standard layout @ 13' radius from back of home plate. All seams are cut to fit and match like a puzzle. Only the outside edges need to trimmed or tucked.

Kits include two On Deck Circles (6'). Designed to be installed as direct glue down to concrete slab or can be installed over packed crusher run after mounting to plywood.

Kit # 1

10' Halo with Wings, plain

Kit # 2

10' Halo, plain

Kit # 3

5' Halo with wings, plain

Kit # 4

5' Halo, plain

Turf, letters and logos are available in several colors and are sized to fit the halo of interest. A digital copy of logo/lettering is required for production with a proof supplied for your approval.

Coaches, Batters Boxes and Bullpen Turf
Turf is in 12' width by specified length for customer sizing or can be pre-cut to exact measurement. Available in green or clay color.

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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