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Rubber Surfaces for Playgrounds, Waterparks, Trails and Tracks Plus Landscaping

Combination of Tile and Pour-in-PlacePlaysafe safety surfacing is made from recycled tire buffings and is produced in a loose mix "Playsafe Mix", in 2' x 2' tiles "Playsafe Tiles" or as a poured-in-place "Playsafe Pour" surface.

These rubber products provide a safety surface that is much more resilient than traditional wood chips, mulch, sand or gravel materials.

All Playsafe products (except EPDM Pour-N-Place) are made with 100% recycled rubber buffings (the outer layer only with no metal or fiber contamination), which are then treated with non-toxic organic dyes to achieve a variety of vibrant colors. The use of organic dyes also makes it non-toxic to children, pets and our environment. This colored mulch will not deteriorate as confirmed by independent lab tests. It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, resists mold and mildew and does not absorb moisture.

Playsafe Mix (Colored Rubber Mulch)

Loose Rubber MulchPlaysafe Mix is the most innovative replacement for traditional loose-fill materials such as wood chips, sand or gravel on the market today.

Colors include Tri-Mulch (mixture of red, green and yellow), Jungle Walk (mixture of brown and yellow) and Rustic (mixture of browns for a more natural appearance) or solid colors.

Playsafe MixPlaysafe Mix when used in playgrounds is installed over a prepared and packed surface of crushed stone aggregate after first anchoring a geotextile barrier into the substrate. This will prevent mingling of the separate layers.

Playsafe mix rubber mulch is then installed to the depth required to meet fall height requirements of your play equipment. Square footage and fall height measurements are needed to calculate the amount of Playsafe Mix required.

Although the initial cost of Playsafe Mix is greater than traditional materials, this difference is offset by the greater shock absorption properties of rubber (reduced depth required for the same fall protection), longer life cycle (does not deteriorate) meaning lower replenishment costs and increased use of your playground (drainage allows use immediately after rainfall).

Playsafe Interlocking and Non-Interlocking Tiles

Playsafe TilesPlaysafe Playsafe Tiles are shock absorbing, resilient rubber tiles that provide a long life and low maintenance. These tiles are manufactured from 100% recycled tire buffings in 2' x 2' squares with drainage channels on the underside. Thickness is normally 2¼" with other thickness choices to meet fall height requirements.

Playsafe Tiles are easy to install and maintain. Playsafe Tiles are installed on asphalt or concrete surfaces and are fully adhered to the substrate and to each other on the tile edges. Transition Ramps are available to make the surface ADA accessible. Adhesive is provided with the tile order or installation service is available in the southeastern US from Athletic Specialties and Construction.

Playsafe EPDM Pour for Playgrounds, Game Courts and Waterparks

Custom Design EPDM PourPlaysafe EPDM Pour is a seamless poured-in-place rubber surfacing installed using a polyurethane binder and recycled SBR rubber (lower shock pad layer) with a top layer of EPDM rubber "EPDM Pour-in-Place".

Playsafe Pour is ideal for concrete or asphalt areas where a design is desired either with unique shapes, colors or inlays.

Spray ParkPlaysafe EPDM Pour is popular for Playgrounds, Outdoor Game Courts (basketball/multi-purpose), Pool Decks and Water Parks. EPDM Pour can be installed with inlaid or painted lines and in a wide range of depths.

Playsafe Rubber Walk Pour for Playgrounds, Trails and More

Rubber Walk TrailThe Rubber Walk Pour is a seamless poured-in-place rubber surfacing using a polyurethane binder and our loose fill Colored Mulch.

This custom design application is popular for Playgrounds, Accessible Walking Trails/Paths and Erosion Control. It provides a durable permeable surface that allows drainage off the surface for all weather use.

Rubber Walk Pour can be installed over asphalt, concrete (eliminates the need to repair cracks) or packed stone aggregate.

Playsafe Mats Under Swings, Slides and Monkey Bars

Playsafe MatsThis 3' x 5' x 2" safety tile was developed for use in conjunction with loose fill products under swings, slides and monkey bars. It prevents kick outs and mud holes and reduces or eliminates the amount of time and effort required to fill holes. This tile provides a safety zone where a fall to surface accident may occur.

Color choices are Red, Green, Earth Tone and Black.

Rubber Flex Curbs for Playground Borders

Rubber Flex CurbsThese 100% recycled flexible rubber curbs are sure to enhance any playground. Rubber Flex Curbs allow you to make various curves and bends not possible with traditional materials. Borders no longer need to be the straight lines of traditional timbers. Installation is easy by placing rebar anchors in holes drilled through the Rubber Flex Curb.

Color choices are Red, Green, Earth Tone and Black.

Sizes choices are 4" x 4" , 6" x 6" , 6" x 8" and 8" x 12" (all curbs are 8' long).

Tracks - Indoor and Outdoor

Running TrackASandC offers indoor and outdoor walking and running tracks in a wide variety of surfacing types. Installation is with the best industry products and practices and fully complies with all requirements of the National Asphalt Paving Association and US Tennis Court and Track Builders Association. Clients include Warner Robins AFB, Moody AFB and George Walton Academy.

Landscape Colored Rubber Tiles, Curbs and Loose Rubber Mulch

Rubber Tiles
Rubber Tiles allow you to change the way you landscape for:

  • Nature Trails
  • Landscaping
  • Driveways
  • Pavilions
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Sidewalks

Milestone Tile
Milestone TileThe Milestone offers a realistic stone appearance and artistic tile design which provides a beautiful surface for any high traffic area. Its unique fabrication provides a durable, wear resistant non-slip surface with the comfort and cushion of rubber. Milestones are an ideal application for equestrian centers, walkways, patios, porches, pavilions and more.

Available in Brick Red and Dark Brown

Flagstone Tile
Flagstone TileThe Flagstone is designed in harmony with the environment. It provides a safe, lightweight, comfortable alternative other stone products. The realistic look, texture and durability are designed for walking paths, steps and patios.

Available in Rosa, Sepia Brown and Kentucky Gray.

Cobblestone Tile
Cobblestone TileThe Cobblestone, inspired by European Cobblestone, will transform your outdoor space to one that everyone will admire. The rubber product's uncompromising quality and functional design provides excellent durability in high-traffic areas. The Cobblestone offers amazing comfort underfoot and is easily installed and maintained.

Available in Brick Red, Sepia Brown and Kentucky Gray.

Flexstone Tile
Flexstone TileThe Flexstone enhances the natural look of stepping stones when placed in meandering pathways, gardens and ornamental landscape applications. The light-weight seven pound Flexstone is designed to be a cost effective replacement for natural stones.

Available in Rosa, Sepia Brown, Kentucky Gray and Sandstone.

Loose Rubber Mulch and Curbs
Loose Rubber Mulch is ideal for landscaping, gardens, nature trails, golf courses, flower beds, parks, equine facilities and much more. It does not decompose or contaminate the soil and does not need to be replenished each year. Since it has a high UV rating, it always looks new. Colored mulch comes in a spectrum of colors and can be used as a solid color or mixed.

100% Recycled Rubber Flex Curbs allow you to make various curves and bends not possible with traditional materials. Borders no longer need to be the straight lines of traditional timbers. Installation is easy by placing rebar anchors in holes drilled through the Rubber Flex Curb. Color choices are Red, Green, Earth Tone and Black.

Size choices are: 2½" x 3" and 4" x 4" (all curbs are 8' long).

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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