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Basketball Backstops, Divider Curtains
and Portable Partitions

Basketball Backstops

ASandC furnishes and installs backstops designed for use in buildings ranging from elementary to college level size structures.

Ceiling Mounted
Ceiling Forward Fold BackstopFor ceiling mounted Basketball Backstops, ASandC utilizes the full line available from Institutional Products. All models have a clean modular design that is esthetically appealing and that meets all N.C.A.A. and N.B.A. regulations. Computer load analysis is provided with all shop drawings.

Models are available for forward fold, backward fold, side fold and ceiling-wall braced backstops.

The main central mast assembly is welded "T" type construction, 6" O.D. x 11 ga. steel tubing with 2 3/8" O.D. side braces, schedule 40. Internal bracing to main mast is included as required by unit size. Top cross member is 2" x 3" x 11 ga. steel tubing. In addition to the "T" style construction for the main central mast assembly, a double drop traditional design is also available where economy is a factor and for buildings with low to medium truss height.

  • All fold-up units may be either manually or electrically operated, as specified. All units may be used with any type of backboard, i.e., glass, wood, fiberglass or steel. When rectangular glass backboards are being used, clearview frame backstops are used.
  • Manual and electric height adjustment options are offered for all backboards allowing 8' to 10' goal height adjustment. Manual and electric winches (½ HP and ¾ HP) are offered for all backboards. Saf-Lok's are recommended for both manual and electrically operated backstops.
  • Direct goal mounting attachment is furnished with glass backboards for connection of goal to the main center support of the backstop frame. The Safety Reflex goal has a built-in shock absorber to prevent flyback action that otherwise occurs. It is available on all rectangular backboards and meets all N.C.A.A. and high school specifications. Bolt-on padding is recommended.
  • A wireless remote control unit is offered which helps set up your gym in a matter of minutes. With the push of a button you can independently raise or lower backstops, gym dividers, bleachers or anything else equipped with an electric hoist and our receiver. The Goal Tender requires no additional wiring, no key switch and has no need for conduit electrical boxes from the hoist. Operates with a hand-sized wireless transmitter (9 volt battery) that controls from 9 to 27 separate units. It comes factory installed or can easily be installed on existing units.

Wall Mounted
Wall Mounted BackstopStationary wall mounted Basketball Backstops are available with a minimum 12" wall-to-backboard distance. Other models are designed to provide wall-to-backboard extension distances of 4'-6', adjustable during installation.

Various package configurations are available. Please contact us with your requirements or questions.

Divider Curtains and Nets

Divider curtains are available in Roll-Up, Fold-Up or Walk-Draw models. These divider curtains are an attractive affordable way to divide your gym space for multiple activities, maximize your gym space and avoid injuries.

Roll-up and Fold-up Gym Dividers
The bottom 8' section is made of durable, flame retardant polyester reinforced solid vinyl fabric . The upper section of curtain is VCP mesh; woven vinyl with a 50% plus open grid weave for air circulation. The curtain is electrically operated with a ¾" H.P., 115 volt single phase reversible motor. Divider curtains are available to fit the size and color scheme of your gym with your choice of 10 different vinyl colors and 4 mesh colors.
Roll-up and Fold-up Gym Dividers
Walk-Draw Gym Divider
Manually operated, ample fullness is provided so the curtain will easily extend the required distance without excessive stretching. The bottom 8' section is made of flame retardant polyester reinforced solid vinyl fabric creating a strong but soft wall to eliminate contact injuries. The upper section of curtain is VCP mesh; woven vinyl with a 50% plus open grid weave for air circulation. Vinyl available in 10 colors; Mesh available in 4 colors.

Divider Nets
Custom divider nets are made for separating a gymnasium floor to allow use of adjacent basketball or volleyball courts without interference and can be retractable.

Portable Partitions

Portable partitions inrease utilization of space, improve acoustics and reduce the time required to set-up for different functions or activities.

VersiFlex and VersiFoldVersiflexTM and VersiFoldTM Partitions
These partitions offer up to 80% noise reduction compared to interior walls that are rated at 30%. VersiFlex and VersiFold provide privacy of an integrated cubical system while creating separate walkways.

Product Features

  • Lightweight for easy setup and takedown
  • Flexible panels curve and shape for custom effects
  • Sound-absorbing material reduces noise flow
  • Stable, freestanding panels install tool-fre
  • Variety of heights and lengths for multiple configurations
  • 3 year warranty

Screenflex Partitions
Screenflex PartitionsThese roll and fold screens can be set up to partition any room in any configuration. Screenflex partitions are availabel in three distinct lines with a selection of heights, lengths, fabric colors and finishes to complement your décor. Screenflex partitions can even be wall mounted.

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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