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Custom Netting for Fields, Cages and Ranges

Stadium NettingWe specialize in sports field netting for Field Containment or Separation, Backstops and Barriers, Stadium Protection, Indoor Suspension and Golf Course and Range Barrier Netting. We also provide maintenance, retrofits and upgrades of existing nets. We handle Batting Cage Netting and Game Nets and Goals for most sports.

Athletic Specialties and Construction offers installation for turnkey projects (including wood/steel poles and installation) in the southeastern United States. To ensure a long lasting infrastructure that survives wind and weather conditions our construction is only with high-grade materials and the best installation practices.

Field Containment
Built to specified height, length and configuration. Keeps balls in play.

Baseball Containment Netting

Separation Netting
Separates multiple fields.

Field Separation Netting

Barrier Netting
Built to specified height, length and configuration.
Golf courses, driving ranges, baseball, softball.

Barrier Netting

Backstop Netting
Backstops for Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse or Football to any height and for any length.

Football Backstop Netting

Lacrosse Moveable End Line Net Systems - Synthetic or Natural Turf Fields

A = Height from Ground LevelLacrosse
(10', 12', 14')

B = Length (50' or 100')

Kits Include:

  • 2-3/8" Poles - Black
  • #21 Net, Black, UV treated with rope border
  • 2 Earth Anchors, Cable & Mounting Hardware

10'H x 50'L
12'H x 50'L
14'H x 50'L

10'H x 100'L
12'H x 100'L
14'H x 1000'L

Options Available:

  • Aluminum Poles (for frequent removal)
  • Inground Sleeves
  • Above Ground Spike Plates
  • Heavy Grade Nets
  • Installation

Stadium Protection Netting
Stadium Netting provides protection for spectator bleacher areas, walkways and concessions. Installation for stadiums with a roof structure involves attachment to roof line and down sidelines to poles at required height and length.

Installation for multiple fields (quad, hub or wagon wheel configurations) includes securing netting to poles and to the concession building with minimal stress to form "A" type canopy roof.

Stadium Netting

Golf Course and Driving Ranges
Built to required height and distance to reduce hazards from stray balls to players, spectators, vehicles and facilities.

Driving Range Netting

Batting Cage Netting
Knotted Nylon, Knotless or Polyethylene in several weights. Standard 35', 55', 70' and 75' lengths with choice of 12' or 14' width and height. With or without entry.

Choice of backdrop nets or backdrop vinyl covers. Vinyl Covers with Strike Zone and Poly Hanging Ropes are available in 22 oz. weight (Maple Green, Royal Blue and Red with White Strike Zone), and 30 oz. weight (Black with Orange Strike Zone or Navy Blue with Yellow Strike Zone).

Batting Cage Netting

Indoor Suspension Netting
Custom ceiling/wall mounted systems for dedicated use (Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball or Lacrosse facilities).

Can be designed to lift or retract to open area for multiple activities in a hitting barn or gymnasium.

Indoor Suspended Netting

Tennis Court Netting
We feature Maxi World Class, Super Pro-Am Tennis Nets and others. Reinforced aluminum posts are 3.0" round or square in Black or Green.

Knotted nylon tennis curtains and court dividers allow better ball control, court separation and ventilation. Tenna® Backdrop Curtains enhance your tennis facility while withstanding the heaviest abuse from players and equipment (10 year warranty).

Tennis Netting

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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