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Products for Maintenance of Athletic Fields

Products for Maintenance of Athletic FieldsAthletic Specialties and Construction is a Georgia based distributor of products used for conditioning infields and products used for natural grass or turf. We also offer infield mix and crushed stone for warning tracks, walkways and paths. Products are offered in bag or bulk and are shipped to your location or, for customers in the southeast, are available for pick-up from one of our warehouse locations.

Additional products include athletic field paint (aerosol and bulk), stencils, field marking chalk, Permaline and Crown III crumb rubber topdressing.

Products for Baseball and Softball Infields

These are the products used by major and minor league baseball teams, top colleges and universities, high schools, park and recreation departments and community organizations to help maintain baseball and softball infields in top condition. (ASandC is a distributor of Turface Athletics, Louisville Slugger, Pro's Choice and MarMound in the southeastern U.S.)

Infield ConditionersInfield Conditioners
Turface MVP, Pro's Choice Red, ProLeague, ProLeague-Red, Heritage Red Improve native soil and infield mix by adding permanent pore space to prevent compaction. Hold and then slowly release moisture and improve drainage as a result of balanced air and water pore space. Sold in 50 lb. bags or bulk 24 ton truckloads.

Infield Drying Agents
Turface Quick Dry or Pro's Choice Rapid Dry

Are specially designed and sized for greater surface area to eliminate puddles instantly. Unlike corn cob absorbents, Quick Dry/Rapid Dry will not harden when dry and will continue to work. Sold in 50 lb bags.

Turface Professional Mound Clay, Moundmaster Blocks, and Mound Mix
The three areas of a baseball or softball field that are involved in every pitch of every game are the pitching mound and the batters and catchers boxes. This intense activity requires a special packing clay with a high degree of plasticity to provide the best footing and wear resistance.

Professional Mound Clay and Moundmaster Blocks are virgin clay. Mound Mix is approximately 80% clay and 20% sand/soil.

Professional Mound Clay is sold in 50 lb. bags.
Moundmaster Bricks are sold in bags of 8 each or pallets.
Mound Mix is sold in 50 lb. bags or bulk 15 ton or 24 ton truckloads.

Infield Mix
Infield Mix - 60/40 (60% sand and 40% clay) or 70/30 (70% sand and 30% clay) is available plain or pre-blended with 10% calcine clay. Pre-blending can be to custom percentage compositions. Application is easy…spread, drag, roll in and "play ball". Material is double screened before shipment to ensure it's clean and uniform.

Sold in bulk 15 ton tandem trailer loads or 24 ton truckloads.

Warning Track products
Ultimate Series Crushed StoneWhen used for Warning Tracks, Walkways and Paths the Ultimate SeriesTM crushed stone creates an all-weather surface. It does not crush or disintegrate under normal use and maintains a rich crimson color that does not fade. Ultimate SeriesTM crushed stone compacts to give solid footing but does not create a rock-hard surface.

Sold in bulk 15 ton tandem trailer loads or 24 ton truckloads.

Aerosol Field Paint Field Marking Chalk
All Pro Plus Athletic Field Marker is a specially formulated blend of crushed white calcium carbonate. Ideal for use as a line marker for any outdoor sports activity where lines must be visible to players, officials and spectators. Excellent for Baseball/Softball, Football, Soccer, Track, Volleyball…plus more. All Pro Plus is non-irritating to eyes and skin and will not harm soil or vegetations.

Sold in 50 lb. bags.

Field Marking Paint
Aerosol Field PaintAerosol paint is offered in 14 vivid colors. High Solids paint is non-clogging, water resistant, non-settling with no set-up or clean-up time required. Striping machines, stencils and Marking systems available.

Sold in cases of 12 cans/case. Bulk paint (5 gallon) also available.

Products for Natural Turf

Field and Fairway
This product is used to permanently modify native soil root zones, helping turf survive under intense traffic. It is also available in green (Emerald Profile Field and Fairway). Turface ProLeague is also used in turf (in addition to infield applications). Used as a topdressing after aeration, these conditioners will save games and turf by preventing slick and muddy conditions.

Turf Paint
Removable Paint for Synthetic TurfFull color selection for both natural and artificial turf painting of logos, lines and letters. Striping machines, stencils and marking systems available.

Permaline Synthetic Grass LinePermaline is the patented 7½" wide x 2½" tall permanent synthetic grassline for natural grass athletic fields. A standard 2" wide or 4" wide line is bordered by 1½" of green synthetic turf on each side. Permaline eliminates recurring costs of painting/chalking field lines…a solution to shrinking budgets.

Do-it- yourself installation is easy and popular. (Installation service from ASandC is also available). First create a trench with the Permaline sod cutter blade, anchor with sod staples and add an infill mix. (Average rate is 35'-50' per man hour.)


  • Virtually maintenance free (average 1-3 year payback)
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty against wear and UV degradation with anticipated 19-15 year lifespan
  • Mow field as usual
  • Improves line visibility from stands and field
  • Available in Yellow, Red, Blue and White. Enhances facility image.
  • Can be installed anywhere natural grass grows

Crown III Crumb Rubber
Crown III Crumb RubberPatented Rubber Granules applied as a topdressing help Topdressing help prevent damage to high traffic turf areas. Crown III stays in the top layer of the root zone. It reduces compaction, minimizes plant injury, conserves moisture and lengthens turf life while insulating against winterkill. Effective on golf courses, soccer fields and football fields.

Sold in 50 lb. bags

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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