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Site Furnishings - Shade and Seating

Site Furnishings are configured for varied settings and activities, both indoor and outdoor, such as:

  • Shade strucutres for playgrounds, pools and sports fields;
  • Bleachers for stadium and grandstand seating;
  • Tables and Chairs for set-up at events and for converting space to multi-purpose use.

Shade Structures

The features and benefits of our Shade Structures are well established when used in any of their multiple applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Block up to 97% of all cancer causing UV Rays
  • Extend outdoor time
  • Increase equipment life
  • Cool comfort - 20° cooler under a Sunguard
  • Breathable fabric canopy mimics a shade tree
  • 80% Water Repellent
  • Engineered to meet ASCE 07-2002 (ASD,LRFD)
  • Designed for wind loads of 150 mph (& higher) with covers off and 90 mph with covers on


  • Right Angle Triangle Playground ShadePlaygrounds
  • Shaded Parking
  • Poolside
  • Seating Areas
  • Picnic Areas
  • Golf Driving Ranges
  • Sports Fields
  • Bleachers & Seating Areas
  • Dugouts
  • Anywhere Shade is needed!

Best Warranty*

  • Non-Prorated
  • Steel: 20 years
  • Fabric: 12 years

Steel Frame Finishes
Top quality powder coat finish as standard on all units. Customers may select one of our 12 standard powder coat colors or as an alternate use galvanized finish at ballfields.

Model Types

  • Rectangles
  • Squares
  • Triangles
  • Hexagons & Octagons
  • BreezeBrellas
  • PlayTowers
  • Bleacher covers
  • T-Styles
  • Modular Cantilevers


  • Logos
  • Lighting
  • Post Pads
  • Misting Systems

Shade Cloth
Meets all American Academy of Dermatology UV protection recommendations. Available in 18 standard colors.

Imbedment Options

  • Sleeve Imbedment
  • Direct Imbedment

Surface Mount Options

  • New Footings
  • Existing Footings

Benches, Bleachers, Stadium and Grandstand Seating

Aluminum Player Benches
We offer Player Benches to suit every need in various styles, sizes and colors.

  • Players BenchLengths of 7½', 15', 21', 27'
  • Portable, Surface Mount or Inground
  • Outdoor or Indoor Models
  • Anodized Aluminum or Powder Coat Finish (Seat Planks only)
  • With or Without Back
  • With or Without Rear Shelf (20" wide)
  • 10" Wide Seat Planks (21" Double Wide also available)
  • Powder Coat Colors - Forest Green, Navy Blue, Scarlet Red, Royal Blue

All planks are 10" wide with a ribbed no-slip surface. All models have Safety End Caps to avoid sharp edges. A 5 year limited warranty is offered.

Aluminum Bleachers - Outdoor
Several models are available to accommodate differing seating requirements, site conditions and settings.

  • Aluminum Bleachers3, 4 or 5 Row
  • Lengths of 7½, 15', 21' 27'
  • Single (10") or double (21") foot planks
  • Chain Link Railing as required (9 gauge steel). Picket railing available on several models.
  • Anodized Aluminum or Powder Coat Finish (Seat Planks only)
  • Frames are 100% welded aluminum angle
  • Powder Coat Colors - Forest Green, Navy Blue, Scarlet Red, Royal Blue

Seat planks have a minimum wall thickness of .078. Foot planks are 100% Mill Finish Aluminum. End Caps are fiber reinforced polypropylene. A 5 year limited warranty is offered. Shipped knocked down with some assembly required (no drilling of holes).

Bleachers - Indoor
Tip N' Roll Bleachers
Typically used for auxiliary seating requirements. Unit easily tips on its casters for convenient storage.

  • 2, 3, or 4 Row
  • Frames are 100% welded aluminum angle
  • Single or Double Foot Planks
  • Seat planks are either anodized or powder coated
  • High grade swivel casters and rubber foot pads will not mar floors

Retractable Bleachers
Retractable BleachersAll seats function on the telescopic principle and when closed provide either a flat fold front or closed back. Operation of the seating is progressive.

The system incorporates a locking mechanism provided by individual row locks, cylinder locks and/or floor grips which permits securement of any row in use position with operation only upon the unlocking and moving of the first row. Different rail systems are available for last row, end rails and center aisles. Wheelchair cutouts can be made recoverable when not required offering maximum flexibility and occupancy while still conforming to ADA requirements.

A small portable Power Tractor is available for use on manual bleachers equipped with mule pull/push stiffeners for power assistance. An electrical Tractor Bleacher Drive can be teamed to provide the traction necessary to open and close larger bleachers. This electrical drive system is located under the first row.

Stadium Seating
Stadium SeatingDistinctive contemporary styling is offered with Dant Clayton's Colosseum-ONE Series. This stadium chair is constructed as a single piece integrated unit. There are no component parts to assemble, replace, inventory or adjust.

The Colosseum-ONE offers positive lumbar support because of its continually molded full length backrest. This design also provides more seating surface and backrest support while eliminating kicking from spectators or potential beverage spills above and behind the chair. Its integrated "full length" armrest offers maximum arm support.

The Colosseum ONE is available in six standard colors. Permanently Embedded Graphics or plates can be used for team logo, advertising or donor fund raising projects.

Grandstand Seating
Grandstand SeatingSeveral options are available for deck systems, steel understructure finish and finishes of seats and risers.

A factory welded decking system with blasted slip resistant finish provides the most water resistant and safest deck in the marketplace.

School colors can be incorporated into the stadium with powder coated finishes for seats, risers and steel understructure.

Mity-Lite ABS Tables

Table choices from Mity-Lite represent all types of construction - Aluminum, ABS Plastic and Plywood - for a one stop source for durable and lightweight tables.



Mity-Lite ABS

Madera Laminate

Madera Plywood

Durable / Quality Construction





Provides Low Overall Cost of Ownership (ROI)





Full-spectrum Table Application




Economical Utility

Market Changing Innovation

Seamless 1-piece table surface and sustainable all-aluminum construction

Patented tabletop construction and durable lightweight design

Easy-grip runners and replaceable impact-resistant comers

Easy-grip runners and smooth tabletop free from through-bolts or rivets

Mesh-One Folding ChairSeating

Seating choices from Mity-Lite are featured in Folding and Stacking configurations with a wide range of frame and seat/backrest colors.


Chair Type



Breathable elastomeric mesh


Side Chair or Mobile /Wheels

18 gauge steel and high impact polymers

Conforms to body shape


Patented Design

Upholstery options for custom look

Polypropylene and steel tubing

SwiftSet HD®
Steel Rod Frame


Straight-Up Stacking

Duramax ProTM
Classic Look


Blends with existing wood chairs (No sanding or painting)

Other Site Furnishings

Athletic Specialties and Construction can help furnish your facility with the products you need. We carry items that are sometimes hard to find and help you decide what is the best choice for you. A partial list is shown below.

  • Scoring Tables (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Scoreboards, Shot Clocks and Timers
  • Foul Poles and Goal Posts (including combos)
  • Baseball L Screens, Protective Screens
  • Water Park Equipment with Rubber Safety Surfacing

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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