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Flooring - Gymnasiums, Multi-Purpose,
Dance & Aerobics

Granwood Flooring Systems

Granwood Gym FloorWe are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Athletic Specialties and Construction, Inc. as the exclusive distributor for Granwood Flooring Limited in the states of Georgia and South Carolina. Granwood Flooring products include Traditional GRANWOOD and the recent addition of GRANSPRUNG floors and GRANGUARD finish.

Granwood is a composition block constructed from a combination of cement, wood, fillers, binders and pigment formed under high pressure, impregnated with linseed oil and heat cured. The result is a product that is environmentally sound, resistant to water, wet and dry rot termites, extremes of temperature and humidity and that can cope with virtually every type of indoor traffic, use and abuse. Granwood's excellent stability allows "wet" cleaning methods to be adopted without fear of damage meaning floors are easy and economical to clean and keep in pristine condition.

Granwood blocks are used in both Traditional GRANWOOD and GRANDSPRUNG floor systems. Both systems are multipurpose and offer multi-sport capabilities (basketball, volleyball, aerobics, dance etc.). GRANSPRUNG is an area elastic sports flooring system maintaining advantages of Traditional GRANWOOD flooring while achieving an energy impact absorbing playing surface.

  • Granwood Multi-Purpose FloorTraditional GRANWOOD - refers to Granwood blocks installed in either sand and cement screed or thin set adhesive to become a part of the structural slab.
  • GRANSPRUNG - Granwood blocks installed over two layers of plywood, with resilient pads.
  • GRANGUARD - The approved polyurethane finish specifically formulated for use on all new and refurbished Traditional GRANWOOD and GRANSPRUNG sports floors. GRANGUARD finish has excellent tractional properties, unrivaled durability, and superb gloss finish with full adherence to and enhancement of Granwood block color.

Granwood and Gransprung flooring systems are really quite remarkable. In any one of the hundreds of applications for Gymnasiums, Dance Studios, Aerobic Flooring…and more they perform better than any other surface imaginable. They last longer, cost less to maintain, give greater wear resistance and remain attractive throughout their life.

Gransprung Dance and Aerobic FloorGranwood was invented in the early 1900's and has been developing ever since. More than 50 million square feet of British made Granwood floors have been laid in over 50 different countries throughout the world with a lifecycle proven to be more than 50 years. Granwood floors have been successfully withstanding rigorous use in facilities throughout the USA since 1956. Uniquely suited to and installed in every application from sports halls to prestige showrooms and classrooms to church centers, Granwood flooring systems combine the elegance of wood with the exceptional versatility of design offered by tiles. But most of all, they offer a real alternative to the use of hardwoods without any of the performance or environmental disadvantages of timber.

Choose a Granwood flooring system and you choose the best. Not just in terms of product performance and value for money, but in service and after-care as well. All Granwood flooring systems are sold installed - ready for use. All Granwood development and manufacturing is accomplished in-house. ASandC installs each floor in accordance with Granwood specifications.

A detailed comparison of both Traditional GRANWOOD and GRANSPRUNG to Hardwood, Rubber and PVC gymnasium flooring systems will be emailed upon request. Color choices and architectural specifications are also available.

Other Flooring Choices for Gymnasiums and Multi-Purpose Rooms:

Woodflex/Gameflex Multi-Purpose Vinyl Floors
Woodflex is a multi-purpose sports flooring with the look of natural wood. The wear layer is abrasive resistant and easy to maintain.

  • WoodflexMulti-layers provide shock absorption
  • Anti-slip embossed surface
  • Anti-static and anti-bacterial properties
  • Urethane paints for marking courts
  • Available in 4.4mm, 6mm, 6.7mm and 8.0mm thickness in rolls 6'7" x 49'3".

Everlast Performance Flooring
Everlast Performance is manufactured by laminating 4mm Everlast with Nike Grind (available in 33 pure colors) to an SBR Sports Underlayment. Available in three standard thicknesses (8mm, 10mm and 12mm). Everlast Performance has excellent force reduction and ball rebound.

Other Flooring Choices for Dance:

Dance DeckDance Deck is a portable modular dance floor. Tiles incorporate a simulated wood grain or standard colored laminate which cleans easily and has an attractive appearance for weddings, dances, exhibits and other special events.

Magnattach® Portable Dance Floor
Amazingly, a 20' x 20' Magnattach® Portable Dance Floor can be assembled or disassembled in just 7 minutes.

Beyond the fast setup, each dance floor is held securely together through a patented triple-lock system and outlasts the competition due to no moving parts.

Magnattach® Portable Dance FloorIn addition, Wilsonart® commercial laminates provide a wide variety of rich, durable finished to choose from which complement any design need. Simply put, Magnattach® Portable Dance Floor delivers the best ROI in the industry through speed, simplicity, and durability.

Other Flooring Choices for Aerobics:

  • Other Flooring Choices for AerobicsSuspended hardwood Maple Tongue and Groove, spring fastened, with a foam pad or rubber pad underlayment, e.g. Junkers Hardwood, Exerflex.
  • Synthetic Interlocking Tile Systems, e.g., Pavi-Gym
  • Everlast Performance floors with Nike Grind underlayment

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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