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Portable Fencing and Decking

Portable Outfield Fencing

SportPanel with Yellow Safety RailASandC offers SportPanel and SportFenceTM portable outfield fencing systems that are designed to make single-use into multi-use facilities. Ballfields can easily be converted from baseball to softball, to handle different age groups and leagues and to provide sideline crowd control. Panels can even be used for indoor functions or activities.

Organizations which must use public facilities for their games and events will no longer have to play on "open" fields because Sport Fence turns any field into a fenced "ballpark" minutes. Advertising revenues can be generated from banner sales and hosting tournaments.

'Breakaway' featureSport Outfielders do not run the risk of serious injury should they collide with this fence while chasing a deep fly ball. Further, there is no risk of injury from a player running into stakes or posts since none are required.

SportPanel and SportFence® reduce player injury and organizational liability.

Easy set-upWith no holes to dig or posts to set, it is quick and easy to move portable panels in or out between games or to set up for other activities.

No stakes or posts means quick, easy set-up. Each panel weighs only 25 lbs. An entire outfield fence can be set up by two people in less than 30 minutes.

In the storage position each portable panel is only two inches thick and an entire system can be housed in a 6' x 10' storage area or on transport/storage racks.

SportPanel and SportFence® portable panels are versatile and can be used for multiple athletic and recreational uses both indoor and outdoor and in all weather. Panels work well on hard or soft surfaces. When not in use as an outfield fence, panels can double as a portable crowd control fence or can be used for many other athletic or recreational activities.

    Can be used for variety of events
  • Track Meets
  • Intramural Activities
  • Triathlons, Biathlons, Running Races
  • Parades, Fairs, Special Events
  • Registration Ticket Areas
  • Soccer and Football Sidelines
  • Bicycle and BMX races
  • Tennis Courts, spectator areas
  • Swim Meets

Great Hit!What makes a game exciting? Isn't it the hitting? Doesn't the crowd go wild when someone drives one over the fence? In a matter of minutes portable fencing will change any field into a fenced "ballpark" and add that extra element of excitement.

Revenue Generating
Generates advertising salesPortable fencing meets requirements for ASA, NCAA, NAIA and all adult and youth softball and baseball programs. Communities and schools can now bid for, and get, prestigious and profitable regional and national tournaments.

Your fence becomes a revenue source. A self-funding program is a way of making the acquisition of portable fencing possible even if money is not available in your budget.

Space for panel-attachable advertising banners can be sold to local merchants and supporters season by season and provide an excellent, on-going source of income.


  • "U" shaped rebar anchors (wickets) are used to anchor legs when set up in the outfield for an extended period (on non-playing side of field).
  • Foam connectors are used between panels to ensure a tight connection.

Calculation of Outfield Fencing Size

Distance to Fence
(From Home Plate)

Length of
Outfield Fence

Number of Panels











































Note: In order to calculate any outfield (including arc), simply multiply the distance to the fence by 1.6 to obtain the total length of the outfield fence.


  • Foul Line Poles made with matching material to provide clear line of sight on foul/fair balls.
  • Black Mesh Panels for centerfield use provide background contrast for the hitter. Black Mesh Panels can also be used for an entire outfield.
  • Storage Racks or combination Storage/Transport Wagons to both store and move panels to/from the field.

Transport and Storage
Transport and StorageFence-Tote is the most convenient way to transport and store your portable fence panels! The dual purpose design is great for transport and storage of either SportPanel or SportFence®. When you're ready to set up the fencing, roll it out onto the field. Can be connected to nearly any vehicle (tractor, mower, or ATV) with a hitch. The Fence-Tote will cut your labor costs dramatically and pay for itself! Carries 20 panels either upright or laying flat. Features a heavy gauge SQ galvanized steel tubing frame, 10" pneumatic turf tires for effortless mobility, removable uprights make it easy to load/unload and allows the Fence-Tote to lay flat against the wall to minimize storage space.

Temporary Outfield Fencing

  • Temporary Outfield FencingTemporary outfield systems are an economical yet attractive alternative to portable outfield fencing.
  • Soft poly mesh fencing has a yellow home run marker on top and woven fabric pockets for easy insertion of poles and top cap attachment. Fencing is available in green, red or blue.
  • Both Deluxe Temp Fence and Enduro fencing are simple to install and are offered in packages of 50'L fence (with 6 poles), and 150'L fence (with 16 poles).
  • To set up for any home run distance, simply offset temp fence sections to cover required distance of arc.
  • Pre-packaged systems are also available for covering a 200' distance from home plate (314' of fence and 32 poles) and 300' distance from home plate (471' fence and 48 poles).
  • Optional ground sockets can be permanently installed for quick and easy fence installation and tear down.

Portable Event Fencing

Portable Event FencingOur Portable Event Fencing includes mesh panels at 10'6" length and 44" height (SportPanel without the breakaway foot), 6' models in multiple styles and heights and galvanized steel barricades.

White Lightweight Panels
These lightweight Event Fence panels are made with specially compounded "space-age" polymers to produce a tough, UV stabilized, durable product designed for many years of use. Never needs paint! Hot soapy water is all that is needed to keep Event Fence looking sharp!

  • A 10'6" Model in 44" Height
  • 6' Styles available in 42" Height and 32" Height

Swivel legs eliminate the need for stakes or posts enabling fast, easy set-up. Two people can set up or take down 400 feet of Event Fence in 30 minutes or less.

Advantages of using Event Fence are numerous:

  • Event Fence enhances the appearance of any event. All White, Event Fence enhances the surroundings at receptions, parties, VIP gatherings and special functions.
  • Easy to set-up/takedown and durable for years of use
  • The ease of storage is worth noting. Forty panels (420 lf) require only 7' x 10' storage, freeing valuable warehouse space and easing staging, loading and delivery. Saves time and money.
  • Event Fence easily accommodates sponsor identification and a variety of informational signage banners.

Please contact us for your next event. We are happy to provide pricing, references and ideas on using Event Fence. We also maintain an inventory of Event Fence for rental purposes if your need is for one-time or limited us.

Steel Barricades
CrowdStopper BarricadeFor Crowd Control and enhanced Security the CrowdStopper barricade is ideal. Each maintenance free panel is manufactured using 1½" OD 16 gauge steel framing and is hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.

Each upright is made with ½" OD 16 gauge steel tubing fully welded to the frame for greater strength. Feet are detachable. Multiple sizes, locking systems and foot types can be ordered to meet your specific need.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized
  • Easy to use interlocking system
  • Stacks compactly for storage
  • Detachable feet
  • Barricades come fully assembled
  • Stable design
  • Easily transportable
  • Ships from inventory
  • Economical
  • Open View

Portable Event and Tent Decking

EventDeckEventDeck is an affordable modular temporary flooring and pathway system that provides access surface protection, and decorative enhancement for special events and other functions.

The EventDeck system is designed to provide a rigid, dry, and attractive support base for tables, chairs, and other equipment. It is ideal over relatively level grass, concrete, asphalt, gravel, and dirt surfaces, and will gently contour to the sub-surface to prevent "see-sawing." EventDeck will not warp, rot, crack or fade, and is an ideal substitute to lay-down plywood floors.

Choose between our ED1 with drainage holes for added grass protection, and our smooth ED2 without holes, depending on your needs.

Each EventDeck module connects on all sides using Signature's unique and easy-to-use connection system. This unique interlocking design allows for rapid installation and removal with minimal labor and no equipment. Individual sections incorporate drainage hole and hidden channels to allow water flowing down tent sidewalks to flow underneath the floor and tent. An integrated cable channel is included on the underside of each module for running wires and power cords to center poles, and other in-tent areas.

Remove individual EventDeck sections as required to accommodate center poles, side poles, and guy ropes, and add transitional edge pieces to provide a more attractive finished look.

Like plywood, you can fasten carpet or Astroturf directly to EventDeck for more upscale events.

EventDeck is shipped pre-assembled in large sheets that are easily and compactly stacked on pallets for storage and shipment.

UltraDeckThis is heavy-duty portable flooring suitable for large-scale tent and special event flooring. Ideal where a more rigid and uniform underfoot floor is desired for upscale, high-end events.

UltraDeck can be laid directly on the ground and leveled with plywood stringers and shims. Modules are 2' wide x 1' long x 1'2" high. Ribbed reinforcements provide strength and weight loading capabilities with underneath cable channels.

UltraDeck is ideal for pole tents, frame tents and clear span structures. It provides an attractive and event-friendly look. If carpet or synthetic turf is used, you may staple it directly to UltraDeck.

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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