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Covers, Screens, Pads and Mats
- Indoor and Outdoor

Wall PadASandC offers a variety of covers, pads, mats and screens from Cover Sports, Putterman Athletics, Signature and Aer-Flo. Choose the weight and color gym floor covering you want, the type and color wall and column pads or mats you may need or the particular divider/netting option that is right for your facility. Or you may be interested in field covers/tarps for your baseball infields, mesh infield batting practice protectors, sideline covers for football, windscreens for baseball/softball and tennis or fence tops for chain link fences.

Protective Gym Floor Covers

Wood gym floor covered for graduationMost gyms are multi-purpose and handle sports plus other activities such as graduations, concerts, social functions, etc. Heavy foot traffic wear, stains, scuffs and mars from furniture damage your floor and it shows. To protect your floor we offer both vinyl roll and modular tile products.

Floor Cover Rolls
Mobile Storage RackWe offer gym floor covers from Cover Sports and Putterman.

GymGuard® floor covers are made with durable 3-ply fabric polyester mesh yarn coated evenly with PVC on both sides allows you to use either side up. Seams are engineered to be as strong as the fabric itself allowing the material to lay smooth and flat.

Mobile Storage Rack Floor covers are available in five standard weights - 32 oz., 27 oz., 22 oz., 18 oz. or 10 oz. weight (per sq. yd.) - and a wide variety of colors. To determine the right cover for your application consider how many times you wll cover and uncover your floor per week/month/year, what types of functions you will have and what color preference you may have.

GymGuard® covers are normally made in 10' wide sections for easy handling (except 10 oz. which is in 12' width). When sizing your order the length of each section is either the length or width of your gym depending upon the direction you intend to lay. Allow approximately 6" for overlap on each section. For example, for a 75' x 95' floor, order 8 sections measuring 10' x 95' each.

For storage either fold and use a storage cart, roll and use a 12' fiberboard tube or use a GymGuard Mobile Storage Rack for easy lay-down and roll-up. This all-steel mobile rack is a great time and labor saver. Simply roll your rack out of storage, position it on the floor and lay the sections down, overlapping slightly.

GymGuard Racks can support up to 3600 lbs of fabric, have 8" diameter wheels and hold 10' wide sections of almost any length. They are available in 6, 8 and 10 roller models and include 2 hand cranks for easy winding, 3 fabric clips per roller for secure winding and instructions for assembly and operation. Options include a Brush Assembly for sweeping each section while winding up and an Electric Power Winder for quick and easy winding of each section. When using 5' wide rolls an alternate 5' storage rack is available.

Storage Rack Covers with optional logo/lettering and vinyl floor tape can also be ordered.

CarpetDeck Tiles
Carpet DeckCarpetDeck Tiles are an affordable temporary floor system for protecting your valuable wood or other sensitive floors from damage while being used for special events. The modular tiles feature a multi-layer construction that combines an elegant-looking carpet top with a protective PVC backing that provides protection and slip resistance for the floor underneath.

CarpetDeck modular tiles are large - approximately 21 sq. ft. - allowing for quick deployment, but are light enough (approximately 15 lbs. per tile) to easily be handled by one person. Tiles are simply set down and slid into place, requiring no tools or special equipment. Once in place, CarpetDeck provides an elegant and seamless protective floor for all kinds of uses - including graduations, concerts, fundraisers, trade shows and other on-court events.

CarpetDeck tiles stack neatly and compactly for storage. We offer a specially-designed CarpetDeck Transport Cart (CD-TC) to speed installation and also to provide a mobile storage unit for tiles while not in use.

Indoor Wall, Stage and Column Pads

We have a variety of cushion thicknesses (2" standard), vinyl cover weights (14 oz. standard), colors, mounting systems and sizes to choose from. We can custom tailor materials to fit your specific facility and measurements.

Wall PadsGymnasium Wall Pads are 2' wide and from 4' to 8' high. The WC Series (WC)has a permanently mounted, plywood-backed pad with a standard 1" vinyl covered lip at the top and bottom for easy installation. The "Z" Clip (WZ) method of mounting uses brackets mounted on the wall and back of the pad. This mounting system eliminates any visible hardware or trim at the top (and bottom if needed) of the panel for a clean even look and allows easy removal if necessary. Sewn Wall Mats are another choice with #2 grommets on the top and bottom of the panel for mounting (WG) or can be made with Velcro strips sewn on the backside of the pad for mounting to a 2" wide Velcro wall mounting unit (WV).

Additional Pads

  • Stage PadCustom Stage Pads are made to be Velcro or grommet attached to the stage ledge to eliminate any injury hazard from an exposed edge.
  • Column Pads are made for 2 sided, 3 sided and 4 sided or tapered columns.
  • Post Pads are made for any diameter or hex shape.
  • I-Beam Wraps wrap around the face and front edges of the I-Beam and attach with Velcro on the backside of the beam face.

Stadium/Arena Backstop and Wall Pads

Stadium PadsStadium Wall and Backstop Pads are selected for Baseball/Softball, Football and Soccer at all levels of play. From high school, through college and the Pro's the architectural designs that bring fans "closer to the game" make protective field wall padding more important than ever. Plywood backed "Z" Clip Pads are typically used on concrete or wooden walls. Panels can be attached to chain link fences with a bolt and back plate system. Graphics and logos are applied directly to the surface. Sewn Field Wall and Backstop Pads are lighter (plywood removed) with grommets for easy attachment for chain link or backstop applications. Standard width is 4' with 3" polyurethane foam cores and UV resistant 18 oz. laminated vinyl covers. Custom products available.

Additional Pads for Chain Link Fence Top Rail, Posts, Guard Rail and Goal Posts

  • Safefoam Rail PadPadded Top Rail and Post Pads are made with 1" or 2" high density polyurethane foam cores covered with 18 oz. UV resistant vinyl attached with nylon ties through the grommets.

  • SafeFoamTM Padding is an alternate choice. This tubular padding goes over any chain link fence top, pole or rail 2" or less in diameter. Padding is 3/4" thick with extra-durable tough-skin coating. Available in Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Red, Black, Gray, Purple, Sky Blue. Color matched Tie Wraps (19") are available for attachment.

  • Fence CrownFence CrownTM (4½" diameter corrugated plastic protectors) in Bright Yellow or Black is a popular way to enhance your field's appearance with the benefits of added safety, visibility and durability. Comes pre-slit, ready to install with 19" tie wraps. Sold in 100' or 150' coils.

  • Safety Top CapSafety Top CapTM provides protection from exposed barbs on top of the chain link fence and also serves as a decorative trim piece for vinyl coated or galvanized chain link fence systems.

  • Stadium Goal Post Pads - 6'H with 4" foam are covered with 18 oz. vinyl in choice of colors. Fastened with velcro or grommet closure for lacing to goal post. Custom lettering available.

Field Covers/Tarps

TarpRain Covers and Tarps
FieldSaver® covers and tarps keep your fields game-ready whether you have artificial turf or real grass. Providing the best in waterproof protection for baseball infields and full football/soccer fields.

Features include the fabric itself (rip-resistant woven polyethylene and pvc) with heat welded seams, 1.5" wide, 3 layer hems (sewn with 4 ply polyester thread for maximum UV protection) and crack prevention coating formulation. Covers have brass grommets and handles spaced every 10'. Fabric choice is either VCP 1800 min. 18 oz. reinforced vinyl (Royal Blue, Gray, Red, Forest Green and Tan) or SW6000 6.0 oz. woven poly (Silver/White reversible) which are rot and mildew resistant.

Baseball Infield/Bullpen Covers, Kits and Spot Covers (Standard non-weighted and weighted)
Baseball Infield/Bullpen Covers, Kits and Spot CoversFull Field Covers in standard in-stock sizes for Baseball/Softball include: 90' x 90' (Little League), 120' x 120' (Softball) and 160' x 160' or 170' x 170' (Baseball). Storage Rollers with double wall corrugated HDPE construction in 13', 20', 34' or 40' lengths (34' & 40' are two-piece) are popular. Other accessories include sand bags (with tie), heavy-duty 9" stakes and Roller Covers.

Standard Infield kits are sold as a Complete Kit (3 each 18' diameter base covers, 20' diameter mound cover, 30' diameter home plate cover, stakes and storage bag), Home Plate Kit (30' diameter home plate cover, stakes and storage bag), and Pitchers Mound Kit (20' diameter Mound Cover, stakes and storage bag).

Individual square or circular spot covers are sold in 12', 18', 20', 26', and 30' diameter sizes and 10' x 10' squares.

Weighted Covers from Aer-Flo and Cover Sports have weighted hems allowing covers to stay in place without stakes or sand bags. Weighted covers are available in choice of fabric weight (6 oz., 18 oz., etc.) and color (11-14 color choices).

Football Field Covers and Sideline Tarps
Football Field Covers and Sideline TarpsFootball Field Covers for natural grass or artificial turf feature both one-piece construction or custom sections for ease of handling.

Football Sideline Tarps are available in both Blanket and Mesh styles.

Blanket Style (14' width and 16 oz. weight or 12' width and 12 oz. weight). Polypropylene fiber lets air and water pass through to protect and preserve your sidelines. For use on real grass or artificial turf. Light green-gray color, heat fused on one side for abrasion resistance with grommets at 3' intervals on all sides. Five (5) stock sizes are available from 14' x 50' to 14' x 150'. Blanket Sideline Tarps can be customized by size or you can add school name and logo.

Mesh Sideline Tarps are heavy-duty 14 oz. extrusion coated material for maximum wear/abrasion resistance. Mesh allows air and water passage and the woven fabric has excellent tear strength. Eight (8) color choices with lettering and logos available.

BenchZone® Sideline Turf Protectors are available in 15' widths at lengths of 50', 75', 100', 125' and 150'. BenchZone® sideline tarps have an optional 8" "Get Back" Line in choice of colors.

Jump Pit Covers
Jump Pit CoversCovers are weighted on all sides to protect the pit area from wind, animals, leaves and debris. Available in solid 18 oz. waterproof material in 14 colors or Armor Mesh which allows for water penetration in 8 colors. Aer-Flo Landing ZoneTM Pit Covers are made with matrix or solid vinyl material sized to order and available in a wide color choice.

Running Track "Crossover" or "Sideline" Tarps
Cover Sports Crossover Tarp"Crossover" Tarps are designed to protect your synthetic running track surface from damage at crossover points. Whenever players cross the track to gain access to the football or soccer field you risk damage to the rubber/latex surface from cleats. Crossover Tarps have weighted perimeters with vinyl binding which allow cover to stay flat and in place. Available in variety of standard or custom sizes.

"Sideline" Tarps are used to protect your synthetic running track surface from damage whenever used as a sideline. Aer-FloTM BenchZone® Sideline Track Protectors are in two pieces which join at the center line with velcro fastening.

Mesh Infield (trapezoid shape) and Collar Protectors
Mesh InfieldMesh Infield Covers are used for turf protection and training during batting practice. Available in Standard (VCM 9x9), Armor Mesh (VCP 16x16) or Aer-FloTM BuntZone® material.

Sizes for standard mesh:

Sizes for BuntZone®

  • 25' Deep x 20' Short Side x 70' Long Side
  • 20' Deep x 24' Short Side x 64' Long Side
  • 15' Deep x 26' Short Side x 56' Long Side
  • 15' Deep x 20' Short Side x 50' Long Side
  • 20' x 24' x 64'
  • 15' x 24' x 54'
  • 15' x 18' x 48'
  • (Yellow up first and third or third base only)

Collar Protectors are two-piece or three-piece surrounds for protecting the home plate area. Armor Mesh, Blanket and Aer-FloTM BPZone® fabrics are available in several configurations.

Tennis Court Covers
Vinyl or polyethylene court covers are used for protection from foot traffic and rain, respectively. Covers come with cutouts so they can be used with posts left in or in two pieces to overlap at tennis line.

Windscreens and Privacy Screens

Baseball/Softball Outfields
WindscreenFenceMateTM attaches to any fence to give you an easy and economical solution to just about any outdoor court or field enclosure need. Use it to block wind disturbances, unwanted onlookers or other distractions. It provides an excellent visual background for players and can also be used to wall off special field sections or unsightly areas.

FenceMateTM is made from a variety of the toughest fabrics available. You can choose weave openings from 84% to 100% to meet all privacy, wind and background requirements. Standard 5', 6' and 9' heights are finished to the length you need (custom heights available). Premium Armor Mesh is the heaviest, most durable windscreen available (5 year warranty) and is made in 10 stock colors.

FenceMateTM has maximum UV sunlight protection, strong 6-ply construction at the hem (4 plies of reinforcing binding + 2 plies of windscreen), 1½" wide hems sewn with 4-ply black polyester thread and brass tooth grommets spaced 18" apart on all sides. Custom options include Boxed Air Vents or Half-Moon Wind Flaps, Center Lacing (for 9' and taller screens) and Advertising and Team Logos on vinyl coated windscreens. FenceMateTM attaches easily to existing fences with cable ties, 2" S-Hooks or black rope.

BannerStandard Outfield Distance Markers and other banners are made in standard sizes shown: 38"H x 56"L; 27"H x 36"L (smaller fences); 56"H x 20" (vertical) with Numeral Sizes of 24", 14" or 12".

Tennis WindscreenTennis Courts
Tenn-air and FenceMateTM set the standard for durability and attractiveness. Features include multiple colors, air vents every 10 feet, grommets with reinforced hems and custom sizes. Heights are 6' and 9' (9' - with center reinforced, grommeted seam) or custom. Custom color logo imprints and graphics are popular options for facilities and events.

Winter Turf Blankets/Growth Covers

Turf Growth CoverGrowth Covers are 100% woven polypropylene with 6 ply double-stitched hems allowing 90% of light to pass through. Brass spur grommets are spaced 5' apart around border. Standard sizes are 10' x 50', 12' x 50', 20' x 50', 24' x 50' or custom made to order. Covers include sod staples and a re-usable bag. Optional 9" kinked steel stakes (can be safety yellow coated) are available. An 8 year limited warranty applies.

Please contact us for information and pricing on these or other requirements you may have.

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